redefining style.

JR - redefining style

Jenkins Rose has been around for years as a "hobby."  2014 was the first year that I made it a business and truly learned my industries.  Beyond weddings, stationery is pretty broad - greeting cards, art prints, wrapping paper, personalized goods, etc.  It's tempting to offer the kitchen sink, but I have quickly learned that it's much more effective to centralize products and services and focus on a particular area.  It was with this thought in mind that I began the journey of rebranding Jenkins Rose.  

My initial plan of action was to create a new look - logo, website, and collateral.  I got through the first phase of creating a logo and inspiration board, and I stalled.  Who was I creating this for?  I wasn't thrilled with it myself.  And if I wasn't thrilled, then my customers certainly wouldn't be!  

Here's how I got myself on track and what kept me accountable.

1.  I put together a team of advisors.  They helped me with self discovery.  Yes, I know, it's "self" discovery, but I needed help! *hides face*  They gave product reviews, followed up on deadlines, and encouraged me to keep working smarter. This small team of advisors - especially hubs and my coach Alisha - heard all of my doubts and pushed me to move past them.  Some pretty intense feelings accompanied this change, but I was able to channel them positively.  

Change is good.  Change keeps us alive. 

2.  I did the work. I defined my own style and began to create a unique physical environment that mirrored it.  I thought about the type of customers I wanted to work with, and the product and service ideas began to flow easily.  And let's not forget Pinterest - the visual oasis!  I organized my existing boards, pinning more things I enjoyed and deleting those things that no longer mirrored my style.  I also started a secret Pinterest board just for Jenkins Rose.  I saw a trend between my own personal interests and what I wanted my business to feel like to my customers - modern, clean, bold, luxe, hip, and sophisticated.  It was my lightbulb moment!  This was the way my business should look, operate, and feel on all fronts from the visual to the experience.

3.  I became the customer.  I walked through the entire product and service line and ordering process.  Was I offering products and services appealing and valuable to my ideal customers?  Was the experience from inquiry to delivery a pleasant one?  This area is where I did the most work.  I streamlined my products and services to focus more on one area of service - wedding invitations.  I went a step further and designed a collection that better suited my style.  Designing custom invitations for the past couple of years had kept me busy, but I wanted to expand my portfolio to the work I wanted to do in the future - the Jenkins Rose signature style!  

From there it was figuring out the order process for customers and in-house production, creating a wedding invitation guide to answer most questions, and finally designing the peripherals - logo, website, and collateral.  This part was my favorite!

I'm so HAPPY with where I landed!  The overall process took a few months (in between family and client work), and let's not count those months of resistance.  Ha!  If you are in a similar position with your business and looking for change, I encourage you to just begin.  Define your style. We are typically our own ideal audience, so what better place to start than with yourself!

I hope this behind the scenes peek at Jenkins Rose helped show the value of change and creating your own unique style.  If a rebrand is on the horizon for you either in your business or personal life, I hope these tips will follow you on your journey!


Welcome to the new Jenkins Rose | Modern Design Co. blog! 

I am so happy that you stopped by and hope that you'll return in the near future.  My blog is for the modern woman with bold, sophisticated style.  She's a maker, a career woman, a girlfriend, a wife, a single lady, a mama ... she's you and me!

By the way, I'm Dondrea, the brain behind this whole operation.  From designing to running a business, Jenkins Rose is my passion.  I believe that "the love is in the details."  It is a small note in your man's briefcase or your new neighbor's welcome basket.  It is announcing your beautiful wedding day and the birth of your very first child.  For all occasions my goal is to help you create timeless memories through bold design and luxe printing.  

I am a wife and mother, and caring for my family is my purpose.  I retired from a career in public accounting this year to live my life a bit more intentionally.  I quickly found there isn't a single model for us modern women to follow!  We are each carving our own unique paths on this journey into womanhood.  

I am excited to share more of my journey here with you and hope that you'll share a bit too.